World Travel Guide

200+ countries, thousands of cities, and almost 7 billion people speaking some 6,000 different languages! What an amazing place this earth, and the people who inhabit it, are.

4.5 billion years ago a small blue dot appeared in the void of space and after a great while, a strange two-legged creature set out colonizing and building their civilizations across this amazing planet, called earth.

Millions of years of volcanoes, glaciers and rivers have carved the Grand Canyon, and Cappadocia; produced the stunning vistas of Yellowstone and silent majesty of the Sahara Desert.

Our forefathers created magnificent civilizations - from ancient Egypt, to the Roman and Chinese Empires and even the so-called ‘new world’ empires of the Maya and Aztec’s. They left such incomparable monuments as The Great Pyramids, Angkor Wat, Chichen Itza and Machu Picchu for us to marvel at. From when mankind first put his foot upon the earth, humans have been driven to explore the world. In this modern age, it is easier then ever to explore. Anyplace you’ve ever dreamed about is within your grasp

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